Hi, my name is DJ Chef Tim and “Yes I am a chef.”

 I have been in the culinary field for 30+ years.  My first career was  in music as a drummer and   percussionist.  I discovered that in life there is a need for versatility so I combine my two passions of cooking and music into becoming DJ Chef Tim, a Radio Personality.      


I have been a Radio Personality at KTSU for three years.  While my genre is jazz, I also play music genres inspired and influenced by jazz, which creates a very diverse program format.    My tagline is “I share 360 degrees of great jazz, an original American art form, that’s inspired and influenced all other music genres, and I get to play them all!”  My favorite part of being a DJ is interacting with the listeners.  I solicit requests and make it a point to answer the request line.  “You listen to me, I listen to you.  If you have a request, I’ll play it, but if I don’t have it, I’ll come close to it.”  The listeners look forward to This Day in Jazz History, The Tuesday Tribute, Music Interviews, Jazz Bites and DJ Chef Tim’s Cooking Tip.  This is where the true success of my show lies.  I have found that it inspires and encourages my listeners to keep on listening.  One consistent comment I hear from my audience is “I love the educational portion of your show.”  You are guaranteed John Coltrane nightly as the final musical piece.  I always close my show by saying “Good night, God Bless You and remember…Go out there and make someone smile!”